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Likealickydicky it is...4:57, Tues mutherfuckin morning and I.. am......still......AWAKE!! I mean, WIDE mutherfuckin awake..not just " if I just lay down, close my eyes and think of faggoty unicorns, FEMA and Bush eating Jessica Simpson out I will fall asleep" No, I am awake, awake as in " If I see one more blow up couch commercial I will fuck Bill Gates's mother with a S.C.U.D. missle" AWAKE...this is on no stimulants of any kind, coffee...tea...Mt Dew..or any of those I-taste-like-an-orange-that-has-been-through-a-camels-intestinal-tract energy drinks, Just fucking awake.

I have no continuity.

"Little Hero" blows ass.

So, like I was saying - I'm awake,,what prompts this little tirade...err, discussion is an almost pathological need to vent the slightest problem that enters into my, otherwise, magnificient cerebellum.

I like pie.

"Hustle and Flow" was the shit..I mean, I don't otherwise enjoy movies of this type, this one, I would forgo Leno as " I will fuck to this now that the kids are asleep" fare.

I live in an apartment complex that used to be military housing - it has been converted into several hundred brick buildings that vaguely remind one of a Nazi gulag ( but hey,electricity, heat and water are free...if you can stand "security" telling you that can you can't drink a fucking beer on your own porch, or be outside after 11 - fucking - o'clock)

Jimmy crackcorn and..well, fuck you.

Is it just me, or have all the memebers of Aerosmith been replaced with genetically enhanced, vat grown clones that have been allowed to exist in society until the year 2004 and then abducted by people in an unmarked white van, taken to Area 51 where they have been given an injection that renders them immortal but, unfortunately, sterile ( fuck you, it could happen)

Polynesian languages make me horny..I dunno why, but if you judge me I will fuck your mother on your own lawn.

"Give peace a chance" : whoever coined this phrase has obviously neither ever witnessed, or been a part of someone anally molesting his/her mother..fuck this faggot, whoever n' the hel he/she/Hippie is."Peace" is an idyllic concept only entertained by people that HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD.

Politics - Bush is a fucking shaved Teletubbie, Cheney is..well, he's pretty fucking cool ( I don't have a CCW anymore) and the rest of the world can lick the corn from my crack when it comes to international policy. Fuck 'em.

Eminem - I used to think he was a tortured young man who was venting the frustration of a youth spent in inner city Detroit..this is until I heard the song "Fack" - anyone who screams; " Ram a gerbil in my ass through a tube" even in jest, or parody of the aforementioned, predominately, homosexual act..smacks of " I am played out artistically and should be given as a sex slave to YY chromosome,I-consider-cousin-the-other-white-meat Gods damned no-necked neanderthals to sodomize at will".

So, I'm going now..having offended some, estranged others..and most likely given all a laugh ( laugh at my pain, you ankle grabbing dump stumper)My last words for the morning..when life gives you lemons...slice the motherfucker open, it's Margarita time.
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