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white trash
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This community is dedicated to Jess, the self-proclaimed white trash queen of the world. Put on your favorite Elvis or Eminem album, make you a peanut butter and nanner sammich, grab a can of Budweiser, or Old Milwaukee (aka old man's cocky)and curl up to the warm glow of your 486 floppy drive driven computer monitor and share your white trash pride with us. Got a sweet story of your castle upon cinder blocks? Or a picture of your newest tattoo/piercing project done in the image of Aunt Bertha, complete with hairy chin mole??? Or a BBQ charcoal sketch of your beer can sculptures??? We want to know about them!!!!! Sweat pants, too small spandex clothing, wife beater t-shirts, tube tops, clear plastic hooker shoes, and broken down cars, appliances, furniture in the yard all optional.
abuse, addicts, alcoholics, annual bathing long toenails, anti-establishment, beer, beer bellies, bib overalls, billy billy joe bob, bingo, boobs, bowling, camel toes, cars, caveman, celebrities, chewing tobacco, cia, cigarettes, cops, cough syrup, country music, crackwhores, dea, deep fried anything graceland, deliverance, denise, dixie flags, doublewide, duct tape, dvd pirating music pirating, earl, economy, edumacation, elvis, eminem, everclear, fbi, fingerhut, firearms, fishing, flatbed trucks monster trucks, flip flops, food stamps, franklin mint, fraud, frog legs, fuck the pta homeskoolin, gambling, gasoline, gothics, goths, government, government cheese, gumpire, guns, hillbilly, hillbilly heroin, homebrewing, honky tonk, hooch, hoochie mama, hunting, internet addicts, iraq, irs, islam, jack daniels jim beam, jail, jesus, johny cash, lottery, marijuana, money, moonshine, piercings, pimps, platypus, poker, politics, pollution, porn, possum, pot pies, prison, rabbit, rednecks, rednex, religion, rent to own, roadkill, roll your own smokes, scheisse movies, self medication, shacks, single moms, skanky, social security, sodomy, squirrel, stealing, stinky people, suburbs, survival skills, syphoning gas, tarpaper roof, tattoos, taxidermy nascar dumpster diving, televangelism, tin roof, tits, titty bars, tool, trailer trash, trailer trash collectibles, trailers, trendy, tube tops, turtle soup, tv dinners, wal-mart, war, warshboards washtubs, waste, waterhead babies, welfare, wet t-shirts, whiskey, white t-shirts, white trash, wife beating, wife swapping, wine in a box, wrong side of tracks, xanax, your cousin, your dad, your mom, your sister, your uncle